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A Robot Named Toothpaste by azahlia A Robot Named Toothpaste :iconazahlia:azahlia 0 1
Tempest - C00 - Prologue :WIP:
     In the vast reaches of the universe there exist many galaxies and many more worlds.  Countless legends have came and passed with time, as stars die and are born anew.  There is one legend that has long been forgotten.  It is a tale of love, tragedy, and hope.
     It begins in a rather small galaxy, within which one star shone rather brightly.  This gem held a very diverse star system; ten planets, an aseroid belt, and a rather unique dust cloud.  Of the ten planets, only the fourth bore life.  The people of this planet called their star Syr'h'ne, and they had accomplished much long before this story takes place.
     Their planet, Entaeil, was a vast utopia of life.  Everything thrived.  The land was rich and the spirits were strong.  This did not come without consequence, however.  The history of the Si'Reh
:iconazahlia:azahlia 0 0
The Prince Sleeps by azahlia The Prince Sleeps :iconazahlia:azahlia 2 3
It Can Never Be... :WIP:
I look at my phone again, to see if you called...
wondering why I've been feeling so desperate...
You're the only one I could ever be with!
And now I wish I could just let these feelings go!
We used to spend the nights together, talking til sunset,
but now I'm lucky to catch a smile, I miss you...
I spend my nights wondering if I'll ever see you again,
We're growing apart, will we ever be together?
Days are changing, it's time to move on...
This can never be, but I'll always keep dreamin'!
I know it can never be, but I'll always hold onto the dreams,
of you and me together!
We'd stay home, watch the world go by!
We'd grow old together!  Share our hearts forever!
Days are changing, it's time to move on...
This can never be, but I'll always keep dreamin'!
I want you so badly!
but I know it can never be...
:iconazahlia:azahlia 2 3
The Crow ID by azahlia The Crow ID :iconazahlia:azahlia 0 5 Thinking of you  ID by azahlia Thinking of you ID :iconazahlia:azahlia 0 1 Aftermath by azahlia Aftermath :iconazahlia:azahlia 1 5
Losing you...
So many years have passed,
   I barely remember her...
So many dreams forgotten,
   what am I crying for?..
Come on innocence,
   come on innocence...
So much left unsaid,
   what am I falling for?..
So much left undone,
   what am I dying for?..
Come on innocence,
   come on innocence...
So many years of dreaming,
   what I could've been...
   what I should've been...
So many years of trying,
   what I said to her...
   what I did to her...
I can't live without her...
She killed herself.
She laughed for one long night
   then she killed herself...
And all the questions I could never ask,
   all the words left unspoken...
And now I lay here, dying,
   remembering her one last time...
So long innocence,
   so long innocence...
:iconazahlia:azahlia 5 10
I'm losing myself once more...
  Drifting and dreaming...
  a silent lullaby...
My mind's made up...
  My soul's giving up...
Dreaming of you...
  Dreaming of me...
I'm so exhausted from everything...
  my whole life is torn apart...
  no escape from this maddness...
I'm lost without you...
  but then, who are you?
I live my life loveless
  I dream my nights lifeless
Wandering and fading...
Drifting and dying...
I'm so paranoid
I'm so jealous
Please Death, call my name...
  that my soul may rest in pieces...
My wings are gone...
  I'm chained to the ground...
Tortured in the light...
  and bathed in my maddness...
And I'll lay here...
  until my salvation comes...
be it life...
be it death...
be it love...
:iconazahlia:azahlia 1 1
Nevermore, nevermore
   The words speak so freely...
Never try, never care
   Nothing there to worry about...
Never see, never dream
   Blindness shall set you free...
Simple words, silent words
   A voice torn to pieces...
Nevermore, never again
   Why, when peace is found...
Nevermore, never feel
   Must it always be bled away so?
I search for peace no more...
   never again to be stolen from me...
Piece by pieces...
Forever again...
:iconazahlia:azahlia 2 0
I am the fire
   that is your desire.
I am the flame
   that you cannot tame.
Look into my eyes
   and tell me all your lies.
If you would only try,
   we might someday fly.
:iconazahlia:azahlia 2 0
Kaylee -unfinished-
I don't know why,
   I can't remember...
why you left me.
   Do you hate me?
Why am I
   so damn involved...
I don't know why,
   I'm thinking of you
Why am I,
   still thinking of you...
:iconazahlia:azahlia 2 1
Boots 08 by azahlia Boots 08 :iconazahlia:azahlia 0 0 Boots 07 by azahlia Boots 07 :iconazahlia:azahlia 0 0 Boots 05 by azahlia Boots 05 :iconazahlia:azahlia 0 0 Boots 02 by azahlia Boots 02 :iconazahlia:azahlia 0 0

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Those good times by andaria Those good times :iconandaria:andaria 82 110


My curse...

I have spent these months past avoiding the paper.  My words not coming out, unable to express the stories inside.

Today is an odd day.  I woke up with the words 'Persue and Succeed' ringing in my head.  A strong desire to write came to me.  After completeing my morning's business I picked up a pen and paper.  Writer's block strong in my head, unsure of what to put on the paper.  I sat for a few moments then touched the pen to the paper and the words spilled out.  Like I have not seen in so long...

I don't recognize them, however. They don't feel... My own...
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United States
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